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IPCR (International Peace Corps of Religions)
In order to promote world-wide interfaith cooperation, IPCR was founded in November 2007 and has been financially supported by the Korean government and civilians.

Together with the Korean Conference of Religions for Peace that leads interfaith dialogue in Korea,

IPCR aims to realize the harmonious and sustainable world peace community through interfaith dialogue and cooperation that surpasses the furthest limits of race, nation and religion.

IPCR works actively with the UN and various international organizations to address such urgent issues facing modern world as ecological crises, climate change and poverty and religious conflicts. IPCR is engaged in finding solutions to ethnic and religious conflicts especially in Asia. It endeavors to give the youth in troubled regions opportunities to learn more about the importance of peace, to acquire foreign languages and to be exposed to various cultures in order for them to plan for the better future.

In 2009, through the humanitarian aid called Water Tank Construction Project, IPCR provided fresh water to people in Chittagong, Bangladesh. In 2010, IPCR conducted three humanitarian aid projects, building educational centers in Asian countries: the Center for Interfaith-Intercultural Dialogue Peace in Mindanao, Philippines; the Vietnamese Language Center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, where education on computer, language and culture is conducted; Peace Education Center in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka. Setting the realization of human equality as the highest priority, IPCR will keep doing its utmost to contribute to world peace.

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