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Date : 2014-01-12 20:39
[Pilgrimage for Overcoming Conflicts in the World]
The pilgrimage was conducted in the Middle East
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The pilgrimage was conducted in the Middle East. It enabled participants to acquire first-hand knowledge of the region's religio-political history and to ponder the causes of the ongoing conflicts and possible solutions to them through visiting historical relics and religious sites, and conversing with many religious leaders, scholars and civilians. Participants reached a common understanding that religion is the internal cause of mutual animosities and conflicts, and that in order to bring peace to the region and the world, people of faith must work hard to be engaged in interfaith dialogue for religion not to become the hindrance to peace and harmony in the world.
Location: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan
20 Paricipants: KCRP's Interfaith Dialogue Committee Members and Scholars of Religion
Interfaith Dialogue Partners in the Region

- Mufti al-Jumhuriyyat al-Lubnaniyyat al-Shaykh al-Kabir Muhammad Rashid Qabbani
- Arab Group for Christian-Muslim Dialogue: Rev. Riad Jarjour, Shii Cleric Hani Fahs
- Mr. Guirguis Saleh, Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches
- Professor Sulayman al-Dugur, Department of Religion, Shariah College, University of Jordan
- Professor Muhammad Rayyan, Department of Religion, Shariah College, University of Jordan 


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