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Date : 2014-01-12 20:35
[Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims in Korea]
Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims
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Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims in Korea endeavors to help Koreans reconsider stereotypes and prejudices against Muslims, boosting the spirit of cooperation and friendship. It also offers Korean Muslims a chance to learn to live in harmony with non-Muslim Koreans, respecting Korean culture and traditions. IPCR held the first historic interfaith dialogue seminar between KCRP and KMF from June 1-2, 2010, at National Press Center in Seoul. It is historic, for it involved Islam for the first time in Korean history. Since then, the seminar has been held annually and suppored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
Two Participating Grouups: KMF and KCRP
KMF: Korea Muslim Federation

KCRP: Korean Conference of Religions for Peace
1. Protestantism: the National Council of Churches in Korea
2. Buddhism
3. Confucianism: Sung Kyun Kwan
4. Won-Buddhism
5. Cheondogyo
6. Catholicism
7. Association of Native Korean Religions 


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